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Farm and Berry Tips

  1. Wear good walking shoes because you may be on your feet for quite a while and the ground is uneven in some places: closed toe shoes protect your feet much better than sandals.
  2. Some of the surrounding areas are rather marshy and grow an outstanding crop of mosquitoes every year so it is a really, really good idea to bring bug spray to the farm!
  3. To protect against the Texas heat, it is a good idea to arrive early in the day, wear a hat, and use sun screen on exposed skin…..and spend some time hanging out under the really nice shade trees that are scattered around the farm.
  4. For the sweetest fruit, pick blackberries that are completely black; the ones that have been on the vine a day or two after the very glossy stage and have taken on a slightly dull hue. These will taste the best.
  5. Please do not touch any of the irrigation hoses or regulator boxes that you will find on the fields and between the rows. We have to keep these in good condition so that the plants stay properly hydrated in the hot Texas sun.
  6. If you happen to see any wild critters on the farm, feel free to take pictures but please leave them alone and let one of the staff know so we can appreciate the beauty of nature too.
  7. After picking your berries, it is a good idea to cool them as soon as you can because that keeps them fresh and helps them to last longer.
  8. Depending upon how you plan to use them, there are two ways to freeze your berries. For cobblers, pies, sauces or jam, we measure and add enough fresh berries to a Ziploc freezer bag (usually 4 or 8 cups) so it contains just the right amount for the recipe. If you want to use the berries for decoration, you can freeze them on a cookie sheet first. Ensure that they are dry and not touching any other berries before putting the whole tray in the freezer. Then, after they are frozen solid, you can place them into a freezer bag and store them in the coldest part of your freezer.