Blakelock's Berries

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of berries do you have on the farm?

Right now we have three different varieties of thornless blackberries and two varieties of blueberries. We have about an acre each of Ouachita, Natchez, and Arapaho blackberries and about one acre in which Jewel and Emerald blueberries are planted in alternate rows. Though blueberries are generally thought to grow farther north, Jewel and Emerald are southern highbush varieties bred specifically for the southern climate.

Can I eat berries while I am picking?

Though it is a good idea to wash fresh fruit before you eat it, every once in a while, each picker comes across a perfect berry that simply must be enjoyed right there on the spot…..we certainly understand and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Can I buy berries that are already packaged and ready to use?

Let me know what you have in mind and we can talk.

What must we bring when we come?

Except for good shoes, sun screen and a hat, you don’t need anything else. Though you are welcome to bring your own bucket, you can always borrow one of ours while you pick. Then, if you wish, we will put your berries in a plastic bag for the ride home.

Are these berries organic?

Nope, because that requires paperwork and a certification process, and I really hate paperwork and certification processes. Besides, then I’d have to charge more for the berries! Having said this, our goal is to have as minimal an impact upon the land as possible. That is why we didn’t clear any land in order to plant berries and we don’t use pesticides on our berry plants. Instead we rely upon ladybugs, praying mantises and the common green anole to control our bug population. When those fail, one can occasionally catch me chasing grasshoppers around the field in order to introduce them to the heel of my size ten boot!

What do the berries cost and how can I pay?

Visit our facebook page for the most up-to-date pricing information.

We accept cash and credit or debit cards.